Jim Mosier’s Birthday Party

Jim Mosier’s Birthday Party

Enjoy these pictures of Jim Mosier’s birthday party celebration. Special thanks to Wendy Mosier for providing the food and organizing the party.

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: Please note: The following story is made up.
Rumors has it that Jim Mosier was born somewhere in California in the mid-1960’s, and, shortly after a 4-year stint in the military, he departed to the high dessert of New Mexico to find himself. Three years later, he was discovered by campers who described him as glowing, with a long beard that wagged like a tail. He described his adventures being sucked up into a flying disc and then shared secret knowledge of the universe. Soon afterward, an unmarked van, with black-tinted windows and military personnel arrived, escorted Jim into the back of the van, and the van drove out of view.

Five years later, he was he was discovered in West Palm Beach, Florida, working as a clerk at Tropicana Bowling Alley, where he soon met Wendy, who was smitten with his knowledge of the quantum field and his ability to “talk his way out of a sunburn”.

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